The McGee Athlete Pathway

A MAP to high performance on and off the pedals. 

In the world of cycling the name Brad McGee doesn't need too much introduction. Olympic Gold medalist, world champion pursuit rider on the track and the first Australian to wear the leaders jersey at all three grand tours. (Tour de France 2003 & winner of the prologue, Giro d'Italia 2004 and Vuelta Espania 2005) He is recognised in the Australian Sporting Hall of Fame and is a multi-time Australian Cyclist of the Year Award winner. After Brad hung up the pedals he moved straight into a management role with World Tour Team Saxo Bank and then as the head coach for road cycling in Australia. Today Brad is in a coaching development role for all sports at the NSW Institute of Sport. 

Through out his illustrious career McGee has been developing his own unique coaching and mentoring Principles. In more recent years he has been constructing M.A.P under his business McGee Performance Coaching. The McGee Athlete Pathway is designed to take any athlete from their current level of skill, proficiency and fitness and put them on the road to success in reaching their goals. Not only has Brad and his team developed this for Athletes but also coaches, thus building a community of coaches and athletes all on a pathway of achievement. 

Cafe Racer CC, a cycling centric, bike agnostic community, headed p by bicycle industry veteran Vaughan McVilly are proud to be partnering this world class coaching and mentoring experience. Brad's a long time friend and  McVilly and has been working together on this project for a number of years. Meticulously developing the mechanics of how best to present this style of coaching through increasing difficult times and also the ever changing tech environment. "Vaughan has been my right hand man on getting this right and we continue to tweak and fine tune the model just like we do with our athletes. It can be easily over complicated but also can go the other way and be too dumbed down and not engaging enough. Vaughan keops pushing to make the end user experience to a standard of excellence that we are striving for" Brad said of working along side McVilly. 


The coaching methodology is currently in the middle of some intense beta testing with a three day training camp taking place in May this year. When asked for a sneak peak of what to expect from joining the MAP coaching membership, McGee had this to say; 

'Like anything we do in life we need good solid foundations. Those foundations have pillars and those pillars become the stabilisers to make sure we can start to grow and turn the screws' he said with a wry smile. 'What I can tell you is building those pillars won't just help you on the bike it will help you off the bike and in your every day life as well. Our 5 pillars are Sleep, Flow, Nutrition, Environment and Fundamentals. Sleep is obvious but one that is most likely not given the correct amount of importance, Nutrition also obvious and often lacking in regards to feeding our body and mind for both performance and recovery. Environment is about where you are, who is around you, how organised you are. Fundamentals are your chosen discipline's absolute minimum skill sets and proficiencies... you'd be surprised how many people can't unclip both legs or more advanced things like take a jacket on and off while riding. Finally Flow is everything from breath to the mind state before, during and after activity. We build these foundations and often it changes peoples lives off the bike as well as on'.


The McGee Athlete Pathway is due for public release in June 2022. You can hear more from the MAP team on the Cafe Racer CC Socials.